About Hemisphere

What is Hemisphere?

Hemisphere is a life tracker designed to help people manage busy lives, daily stresses and mental-health issues. Your world is unique, so Hemisphere’s flexibility allows you to tailor it exactly to your needs. We know that health encompasses all aspects of life, so Hemisphere uses fully customizable questions and fields to let you track and gather information that is relevant to your life. We’ve given control back to you, because you know you best.

How does it work?

Hemisphere utilizes customizable questions and fields to help users log and track any element of their daily life, such as sleep, diet, exercise or social interaction. Unlike other mood and lifestyle trackers, users can fully customize an unlimited number of questions, select their response types and collect the information most suited to their needs.

We’ve designed Hemisphere so that users can record and gather information that is relevant to them, as we know that everyone’s circumstances, symptoms and lives are unique. We believe that this level of flexibility means users can tailor Hemisphere exactly to their needs.

The answers collected can be analyzed and displayed so that users can look for any trends or factors that might be impacting their wellbeing, such as changes in sleep, exercise, or major life events.

Our mission

We started Hemisphere to help people manage daily stresses and common mental health issues. We recognize that health is something that encompasses all aspects of life, so we wanted to create a tracker that allows people to track any element of their life, not just one. Hemisphere was born out of a need to better manage busy lives, and to be more mindful about how different factors affect our health and mental wellbeing. We know from experience that logging moods and life factors can have an enormous impact on health and happiness.

We treat our users with dignity and respect. We don’t over simplify our reduce our users experiences with emojis or reminders to ‘breathe’. Instead, we’ve designed Hemisphere to be simple to use, and to remind people that looking after your mental health is just as important as counting your steps, calories or heart rate.

Your privacy

We recognize that your personal data needs to be secure. Hemisphere uses military grade encryption to encrypt all answers before storing them.

For more check out our privacy policy.